Friday, August 10, 2018

Why Affirmations aren't working for you? ( How to speed up affirmations)

While affirmations can be helpful, they don’t always work. what you can do instead to make sure they work for you to help you achieve your goals as an influencer.

The problem with affirming something about yourself is that you’re committing yourself to action, and you may not really want to do what you’re committing to do, and so you may feel that affirmation is insincere. For example, let’s say that my affirmation is “I eat healthful foods.” But what if I don’t really want to eat healthful foods? What if what I really want to do is eat Swedish Fish morning, noon, and night? What if what I really want to be able to say is “I eat candy all day and yet I’m ripped like Bruce Lee”?

What to do instead: The interesting thing about sincerity is that you can trick yourself into it by wanting to want what you should want. If I feel insincere saying “I eat healthful foods” or even “I want to eat healthful foods” I can say “I want to want to eat healthful foods.” I’ve used this trick time and time again and it works for me, that is, it changes how I feel and leads to positive changes in behavior that produce the outcomes I want.

As humans we are great liars. “To thine own self be true,” is easier said than done. But we are also great at detecting deception in ourselves. Even if we are not consciously aware we’re lying to ourselves our subconscious knows it, and we can sabotage the effectiveness of affirmations.