Sunday, August 19, 2018

IT WORKS! The Famous Little Red Book That Makes ALL YOUR DREAMS Come TRUE!

Well, this book is actually saying just that! A famous little red book that makes dreams come true called "It Works" It was released in 1926 by an author called R. H. Jarrett and this book basically says, if you read it, follow its guidelines, it will make your dreams come true! It's only a 30-minute read. I wanted to read it, I wanted to get as much as I can from it because it says this 28 page is really, really powerful.

It basically says that a 300-page book is condensed into 28 pages and gives you everything you need to know to make your dreams come true!

That's what this book is promising, and it makes some huge statements. It really does. If you go onto the Amazon link...(Click below)

This book shows how to use the mighty power within that is anxious and willing to serve you if you know how to use it. All scientific and psychological explanations have been eliminated. 300 pages boiled down is 10 minutes and basically, it says that this book is giving us a definite plan and three short rules of accomplishment.

So, what's the book about?

It's about giving you a simple plan on how to achieve your goals, how to actually achieve the things that you want and what it comes down to is three short rules to get straight into them.

Number one, write down everything that you desire, everything that you want to achieve, your goals.

Number two read those goals and think about them as often as you possibly can.

It recommends morning, afternoon, night. Keep reminding yourself all the time. Read them morning, afternoon, night.

The third is, don't share your goals with anybody until you get some results.

Now, this is obviously a bit of an interesting book, especially number three. I'm completely the opposite. I'm sharing my goals, and I'm just going to give you my thoughts on the book.

Very simple to read, I literally read it within 20 minutes. It makes some good points, it makes some maybe not so good points. I highly recommend reading it anyway. People might get different things from it but this is what I got from it.

First of all, writing down your goals. I 100% agree. I really, really do. I share that, I have my monthly goals report. It's just known now to write down your goals. If you keep writing down your goals, you have more chances of accomplishing those goals and I think I've shared this before.

It also says to choose your friends carefully because obviously if you have a negative person around you who's always at you like a broken record saying you can't do this, you can't do that, that's going to play on your thoughts and that's no good either. So I do genuinely believe that.

Really, in total, this is the book summarised. There's not a lot to it. Like I said, it's all about writing down your goals, reminding yourself all the time and it does say to not talk about your goals, which I do. I do and I will continue to do so.

So if you have the faith and the belief and you keep taking action, try and do the right thing and keep reminding yourself of your goals, then this has been a very powerful little book.

So, I hope my It Works review was worthwhile sharing. And I will share more, yes I will share the entire book in a video. An audiobook made just for you to listen to as much as you want or need.

One thing that I really recommend is buying the book, it's only 1.99, a price you must be willing to pay if you truly want to manifest all your goals.

So, without further a due. Enjoy the video ;)